036 - How an ex-US Army Logistics Officer built a new life in Mexico City. Feat. @BowTiedPassport.

036 - How an ex-US Army Logistics Officer built a new life in Mexico City. Feat. @BowTiedPassport.

And how to obtain cost-effective, fast medical care in Mexico.

Strategies for Thriving Socially and Professionally in Mexico: Insights from a Former Military Officer


This podcast episode on 3DEEPERCUTS with host CHUCK-G. features

, a former army logistics officer turned tech sales professional, offering a comprehensive guide on living, working, and socializing in Mexico. The discussion covers the appeal and logistics of medical tourism for foreigners, including the affordability and accessibility of healthcare services. shares his journey from military to civilian life, emphasizing the skills that aided his transition and the importance of cultural adaptation in a new country. He provides a deep dive into the social dynamics of Mexico, from understanding cultural events to navigating language barriers and integrating into the local community. The conversation also offers practical advice for busy young professionals, including physicians, on building and maximizing social networks through strategic planning and social gatherings, highlighting the importance of balancing professional commitments with personal life for a fulfilling experience.

00:00 Exploring Medical Tourism in Mexico: A Comprehensive Guide
01:32 Diving Into the 3DEEPERCUTS Podcast: An Introduction
02:41 Bowtied Passport's Journey: From Military to Tech Sales
04:23 Navigating Health Services in Mexico: Insights from Bowtied Passport
07:23 The Efficiency and Accessibility of Mexican Healthcare
14:54 Exploring Pharmacy Options in Mexico: A Traveler's Guide
20:33 Building Social Circles Abroad: Tips from Bowtied Passport
28:12 Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life: Bowtied Passport's Story
50:24 Choosing a Military Career Path: Combat Logistics
51:14 The Unseen Risks and Rewards of Military Logistics
51:44 Transferring Military Skills to Civilian Careers
58:06 Navigating Health Systems: Military vs. Civilian
01:00:47 Exploring Toxic Cultural Norms and Language Barriers
01:10:42 The Art of Socializing and Hosting in a New City
01:25:37 Safety, Social Life, and Settling in Mexico
01:34:50 Final Thoughts and Resources for Young Professionals




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